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Sweet Lady Violet

Imagine sitting in the grass on a warm springtime evening. As the sun slowly sinks deeper, humid air rises from the ground. A breath of wind, and suddenly the air seems nearly tangible, buttery soft. The gentle breeze carries an intense fragrance, that seems to come from nowhere and yet its strength is almost physical: violets marry hyacinths. A hint of spicy, slightly bitter freshness of carnations is peppered with hoary stock perfume. There is vanilla in the air, there is so much fruity sweetness, with wafting memories of sweet alyssum and childhood in old cottage gardens.   Hesperis matronalis - Dame's Rocket or Dame's Violet or Mother-of-the-Evening   When I smelled Mother-of-the-Evening for the first time in the spring of 2020, it came like a shock and a revelation all at once. These old-fashioned plants in my garden, growing rather accidentally from an seed mixture for butterflies, were quite as high as me, but I nearly hadn't noticed them between the English Roses

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