A New Essay And A Challenge

If you liked my last posting about Mother-of-the-evening (Hesperis matronalis), you can now experience how my texts change from brainstorming to edition. I proudly present you my little essay.


Hesperis matronalis (Foto Petra van Cronenburg)


The Center For Humans & Nature (also in my link-list for inspirations) asked a very important question: What happens when we see ourselves as separate from or as a part of nature?

The very inspiring texts of contributors and readers gave me the idea to look again at my experience of the first lockdown in France from this point of view.

Read my essay here:

Sweet Lady Violet Or The Fabric Of Life

Now we have the third lockdown because of terribly high incidence rates of COVID19. It starts tomorrow and will last the whole month. This lockdown will hopefully not be as traumatic as the first one, because we are allowed to walk in a radius of 10 km as long as we like (until 7 pm). Still, it won't feel good. The unusual summer temperatures were already disturbed by a freezing wind today. Tomorrow there should be a drop in temperature of 17 degrees, and next week, perhaps, snow.

I know that the weather outlook on such cold will take away a lot of my pleasure. That is why I have set myself a challenge: At least twice a week I will show you something from nature and our region that fascinates me. That makes me persevere. That inspires me to make plans for a future where everything will feel a little different than before the pandemic.

I'm trying to write a slightly different diary of a lockdown - a diary of hope and gratitude. Nature will be the star. You can later find all posts of the challenge under the label #lockedwithnature also on Twitter.

Stay tuned!


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